Lithuanian Toys and Souvenirs Association

The association was created to unite the two major branches of activities:

* Toys, board games, teaching aids, playground, sports equipment, bicycles, children's literature, textbooks
* Children's products, clothing, baby goods, prams, food for infants and children
* Souvenirs, gifts, artistic and traditional handicraft products, souvenirs and corporate gifts, home accessories
* Leisure services for children and family, artistic and traditional crafts schools, museums and amusement parks for children, theater
* Business, serving these industries

Covered a range of selected business activities, taking into account the structure of the Lithuanian economy, firms active firms size, of their goods and services export opportunities, the direct and indirect investments. The association is made without reference to the principle division in strict branches, unifying factor is their target customer groups. It is expected that such an approach, being quite non-traditional, will effectively support operations of  the association and its members.


Lithuanian Toys and Souvenirs Association
Levo Karsavino g. 4-10
LT-10228 Vilnius

Phone +370 698 30831
Fax +370 5 2313 743
E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

News from branch companies

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2016.09.16 - - Laivą rekordininką iš Vilniaus išlydėjo ministras R. Sinkevičius

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Rugsėjo 16 d. popietę vilniečiai triukšmingai pasitiko didžiausią pasaulyje iš plastikinių kaladėlių pastatytą laivą.


2016.08.25 - - Kaip sutaupyti ruošiant vaikus rugsėjo pirmajai

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Vilniaus Kalvarijų turgų administruojančios įmonės „KTVG“ direktoriaus pavaduotojos Ingridos Talžūnienės teigimu, rugsėjo pirmoji neturėtų tapti diena, kuri tėvams asocijuojasi su stresu bei finansinėmis išlaidomis. Rudens pradžios laukimas ir pasiruošimas, anot jos, vietoje galvaskaudžio gali tapti naudingu ir maloniu visai šeimai.